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Which is better for your MacBook; sleep vs shutting down

macbook sleep vs shutting down

Even your MacBook needs some rest! After a hectic working schedule, when you decide to put your MacBook aside, what exactly do you do? Do you prefer shutting it down or putting it in sleep mode? Many have a habit of putting their systems, laptops, or MacBooks on sleep mode and start the work right from where they left off. Also, many believe it is important to shut down MacBooks or I should say every device they use after the day’s work is completed.

Whatever the routine is, it is important to know what is right for your MacBook and how crucial it is to follow these habits to retain MacBook’s good health. So let’s get started.

Which is best for your MacBook; sleep vs shutting down

Shut Down your MacBook

There are multiple reasons MacBooks and Windows laptops are accessed differently. Many believe that all MacBooks and Windows laptops are similar in functioning and hence prefer to shut down their Macs every time the work is over, just the way Windows users do it. MacBooks are designed in a unique way in hardware as well as the operating system.

Shutting down your MacBook has various advantages. MacBooks battery gets saved when you shut it down. Shutting down the MacBook will allow it to close all the fragmented applications, documents, and software.

But did you know that shutting down the MacBooks will take more time to start your system once you resume work? It may also ask you to wait till some important applications get updated. It also puts a little stress on the motherboard, power supply, and internal supply.

Also, MacBooks run essential maintenance tasks automatically when it is on or in sleep mode. This gets prevented if you shut it down. I recommend shutting down your MacBook only if you are not going to use it for a long period of time.

Letting your MacBook sleep

Many people ask me “is it ok to not shut down your mac”. I always answer that it is better if you do not shut down your MacBook and rather put it to sleep. The major myth people have is that the battery drains if you do not shut down the MacBook. Did you know that iMac consumes around 43W of energy when working and 1.53W of energy in sleep mode? This much energy is required to keep the maintenance tasks going.

Even while in sleep mode, MacBooks update calendar, contacts, email, notes, iCloud Documents, Photos, etc. Also, did you know that the MacBook on sleep mode keeps the Find My Mac feature working? It also automatically installs software updates, performs scheduled machine backups, etc.

One of the most appreciated benefits of sleep mode is that it allows you to resume your work right from where you left off.


Considering these benefits, I strongly recommend keeping your MacBook in sleep mode if you are going to resume work soon or another day. And if you are going to take a break from your MacBook access for a couple of weeks, I recommend you shut it down.

Vilas December 24, 2021 MacBook

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