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How to Replace a Laptops Keyboard and How Much Does It Cost?

Replace a Laptops Keyboard and How Much Does It Cost

The keyboard of any laptop is one of the most crucial aspects of it. If it is not working, it could be due to several reasons ranging from physical damage to corruption in the driver or system. In this blog, you can find out why and how to replace your laptops keyboard, and its estimated cost.

Why Replace Your Laptops Keyboard?

The keyboard of your laptop is mostly irreparable. That means that even if a single key does not work, you will have to get it replaced entirely. But before you take it to a repair center, you could try out a few methods to try and turn on your laptop’s keyboard. These include cleaning your keyboard, rebooting your system, and reconnecting an external keyboard if in case you are using one.

You could also temporarily turn on an on-screen keyboard through the settings of your laptop. Simply go to “Ease of Access” in the Setting Menu, and select “Keyboard”. In the Keyboard menu, you will find an option to turn on an on-screen keyboard, which you can use with a mouse.

How to Replace Your Laptops Keyboard

The first step is to unscrew and remove the screws that are on the bottom side of your laptop. Most Laptops have small circular screws which keep the bottom outer covering of your laptop attached to its main body. Some laptops might also have rubber pieces covering these screws. Look for a small screwdriver to remove the screws safely. Make sure you keep these screws in a safe place as they are small and can be lost easily.

After removing the screws, you will need to remove the keyboard. In most laptops, you will have to remove the outer top casing to get access to the keyboard. Check if more screws are attaching the keyboard to the laptop body, and remove them. Use a small screwdriver to carefully remove the keyboard. Try to find a margin between the laptop body and the keyboard, and gently lift it from one side at a time. If you hurry or exert too much force, you could cause a crack in the keyboard body as it is fragile. After this step, you can disconnect the cable from the motherboard.

After your old keyboard is out of the laptop body, and the cable is disconnected, you can install your new keyboard by following the steps mentioned above in the opposite direction! First, connect the cable, then place your new keyboard in the body, screw it if required, and finally screw the bottom side of your laptop. Remember not to over-screw too tightly.


Keyboard replacement is a complicated process, and you should do it at home only if you have the expertise and experience, and know your hardware. In Pune, the cost of replacing a Laptop keyboard can be anywhere between Rs. 800 to Rs. 3000, depending on the brand of your laptop and keyboard, and the damage’s severity. Despite there being a higher cost, if you are not well-versed with laptop hardware, it’s a better option to take your laptop to a repair center to replace your keyboard.

If you are in and around Pune area, you can contact Macviewer! We provide pick-up and delivery service and our trusted professionals will be sure to replace the keyboard of your laptop safely at a minimum price!

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