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Why Co-Working Spaces Should Rent Laptops?

Why Co-Working Spaces Should Rent Laptops?

Pune is a home to major IT companies. There are hundreds of tech-giants, startups, marketing companies, designer companies, and whatnot in Pune. Due to this, the number of co-working spaces in Pune is higher than ever. Co-working spaces in Pune city have been offering many amenities like cafeteria, lounge, gym, conference hall, flexible workstations, private cabins and meeting rooms, etc.

Since there are multiple amazing co-working spaces in Pune, and every space has something amazing to offer, the question arises what delightful service you should offer at your co-working space to beat the competition and moreover to deliver solutions to your prospective customers.

Have you thought of providing laptops? Along with basic amenities, offering facilities to borrow laptops and MacBooks to your customers can be a great way of delivering delightful services.

You need not buy a bulk of laptops for this! You never know who might need those MacBooks & laptops. You can simply rent laptops as per customer’s needs.

Let Us Tell You Some of the Advantages of Laptop Rental:

1. No time barriers-

As per your needs, you can rent laptops for a month, a week, or even for a day. Just the way you offer spaces to working individuals and startups without any time limitations. You can enable customers to book laptop resources while booking spaces for better convenience.

2. More leads-

Most of the startups are always looking for ways to reduce basic capital and hence, instead of renting office spaces, they prefer co-working spaces. For such prospective customers, having an option of borrowing laptops along with other resources can be a major factor of selecting your workspace.

3. Attracting leads having budget barriers-

Many individuals who are willing to start as a freelancer struggle managing the cost of a workplace that is filled with other professionals, and the major cost of resources. Let us give an example: An architectural designer will be needing a high-end laptop like MacBook latest version with apt configuration that will help that designer work smoothly. Any co-working space offering both, space full of talentpool and resources can become a ‘go-to’ option for such individuals.

4. Wide range of laptops-

Whether you wish to rent a laptop or opt Mac rental, laptop rental services offer a wide range of devices suitable for every type of work. Each device comes in different specifications and models. You get a huge variety of options to select from.

5. Say Bye to BYOD-

Most of the co-working spaces in Pune have a ‘bring your own device’ system. You can cut off the tradition and introduce a system where users simply need to come and choose a seat to sit. Right from WiFi to laptops, you can provide everything for user convenience. Who likes to carry heavy laptops and bags anyway?!

6. Access to Latest Technology-

You can keep renting the latest models of laptops and MacBooks as the technology gets upgraded. To keep your co-working space on the top, you have to be updated in all manners; including latest technology resources.


Laptop rental can elevate your business processes and brand value in the market. You can simply rent a laptop from a reliable service provider offering other ample services. Macviewer is one of Pune’s best laptop/MacBook rental services where you can get customized IT hardware, best-in-class tech support, annual maintenance contract, and laptop/MacBook hardware onsite support. Book today.

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