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Laptop Shutting Down Automatically? 5 Quick Fixes To Try!

Laptop Shutting Down Automatically? 5 Reasons & Best Solutions

Did you know that in many cases, a laptop shutting down automatically is a Blessing in Disguise?

Being in the industry of repairing laptops, I often get such problems of laptops shutting down automatically. There can be many reasons why a laptop automatically turns off. Laptops are designed smartly and they automatically shut down when any component starts overheating or has any hardware complexity to prevent itself from major damage. That’s why I mentioned blessing in disguise.

Let’s Dig Deeper Into the Causes of Laptop Shutting Down Automatically and Their Solutions

1. Overheating

One of the major causes behind laptops turning off suddenly is overheating. FYI, the temperature of any laptop should not exceed 35 degrees celsius as it is the line of danger! If the temperature exceeds 35 degrees celsius, the overheated part along with other components of the laptop can get corrupted. We don’t want that, do we?

1. What are the causes behind laptop overheating and laptop shutting down automatically? It can be due to ducting problems; when dust particles, hair, or dirt get stuck in the cooling fans, affecting the cooling functionality.


You can consider opening the laptop and cleaning the cooling fans with dry cotton or a tiny brush. You can also use an alcoholic solution for thorough cleaning.

2. Have you ever noticed that your laptop overheats after excess and intense use of applications or video games? That is most probably due to the excess use of graphic cards.


An external graphic card or a laptop cooling pad might help. Laptop cooling pads help reduce the operating temperature of laptops in a cost-effective way.

To learn more about laptop overheating, check out this blog

2. Hardware Issues

One of the common reasons behind random laptops shutting down is hardware issues. Usually, any hardware issue speaks for itself by creating problems in accessing that particular part. For instance, if the mouse pad is damaged, it may not work properly indicating the obvious problem. But if every hardware component is working problems and your laptop still shuts down or the laptop shutting down automatically, let me give you a tip. You can simply check the Device Manager and see if it reports any errors.


If you are still unaware of the problem, then you can simply consult your nearby laptop repair center. Make sure you hand over your laptop for repair to professionals and avoid doing it by yourself. Not all DIY videos are useful.

3. Virus or Malware

Another common cause of laptop shutting down automatically is viruses or malware. Every device uses the internet regularly. Especially laptops in corporate offices are used for several hours continuously and are constantly exposed to the internet.


If your work involves constant surfing or using web applications, you must install a good Antivirus and scan the entire system for viruses/malware.

4. Damaged Battery

Every laptop has a certain battery life. Usually, for Windows laptops, it is recommended to plug in the charger only when required to improve the battery life of your laptop. If you are using MacBooks, the scenario is completely different. MacBooks have 1000 battery cycles and one battery cycle gets spent whenever the battery is completely drained. Hence, it is recommended to keep your MacBooks charged for the whole time it is in use.

Even if you take complete care of your laptop’s battery, it is going to face certain problems after 4-5 years. Such battery issues can cause your laptop shutting down automatically or laptop to shut down randomly.


You can consider replacing your battery with a professional service center. Try maintaining your laptop’s battery life but if it is too late, try to consult a professional laptop repair center. Repairing the battery is certainly a cost-effective solution.

5. Lack of Service

Often some laptop issues are hidden and the complexity level keeps rising as time passes. Any internal software-related issue or hardware component damage can cause you a huge cost of repairing/replacing.


Though most laptop users knock on the doors of reliable laptop repair centers only when their laptop faces issues, we recommend getting your laptop serviced periodically even if everything seems perfect.


Hope the blog helps you find out why your laptop turns off randomly or laptop shutting down automatically. If you are looking for a reliable laptop repair center in Pune, contact Macviewer. Macviewer is a Pune-based laptop servicing company located in Prabhat Road.

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