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Tips to Follow if Laptop Not Charging
Is your laptop charger not working? We understand the pain. When you are working with complete focus and suddenly realize that the charger you plugged in hours ago is not working. Or worst-case scenario, you are getting ready for a meeting while your laptop is getting charged and later you realize the charging has stopped. […]

Vilas 18-May-22 Laptop,  Laptop repair,  Laptop tips & tricks

laptop hinge broken
Is your laptop flap too tight? Or is it too loose? Does it not close smoothly? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, keep reading and find out what could be the possible cause that your laptop hinges are causing trouble and what can be done to resolve the issue. Find out […]

Vilas 24-Jan-22 Laptop

laptop fan making noise
Has it ever happened to you that you are working peacefully in your office and suddenly your laptop starts making extremely loud fan noises? The loud laptop noise itself is scary and raises a concern about the wellness of the laptop. It is not only a big disturbance in work but also can be an […]

Vilas 18-Jan-22 Laptop

Laptop Shutting Down Automatically
Did you know that in many cases, a laptop turning off suddenly is a Blessing in Disguise? Being in the industry of repairing laptops, I often get such problems of laptops shutting down automatically. There can be many reasons why a laptop automatically turns off. Laptops are designed smartly and they automatically shut down when […]

Vilas 12-Jan-22 Laptop

Laptop Overheating
Does your laptop feel like iron? Do you often wonder what could be the reason your laptop starts getting hot right when you start using it? You have landed on the right page. We at Macviewer not only repair the laptops but also offer assistance to understand the exact issues and try out basic solutions […]

Vilas 06-Jan-22 Laptop,  MacBook

Laptop Repair Center in Pune
Did you know that a Windows Laptop requires regular service after every year even if it is working perfectly? Any electronics device or machine must get regular service and maintenance to achieve better performance. After a certain period, every device needs help with software issues or hardware issues. The laptop can be a matter of […]

Vilas 28-Dec-21 Laptop,  MacBook

Speed Up Your Laptop
100 lines of code can be written in a single day. 2 creative blogs can be written in a single day. An innovative app can be designed in a single day. A lot can be done in a day only if your laptop processes super fast. Being productive is deeply related to a fast processing […]

Vilas 17-Dec-21 Laptop,  MacBook

Macbook Battery
Macviewer has been renting out the latest MacBooks and other Mac devices for several years now and hence we are well aware of the user pain points and hidden tricks to improve the Macbook battery cycle. Many customers often ask us ways to increase Mac battery life and how to prevent Mac batteries from draining […]

Vilas 01-Dec-21 MacBook,  Laptop

Questions to Ask While Renting macbook
The major dilemma is always whether to rent a laptop or buy one. Since laptop rental services offer more advantages, people are now making smart decisions about renting Macbooks. But what are the things to consider before buying a laptop? And why are these questions important? Since there are multiple laptop rental services available in […]

Vilas 16-Nov-21 Laptop rentals,  Laptop,  MacBook

Laptop WFH Setup
Loving Work From Home? Wish to continue it for a longer run? Keep reading and find out how you can have a home workstation setup. Covid 19 Pandemic has brought many changes in our lives. One of the biggest changes is working from home. Many companies were not ready for the work from home concept […]

Vilas 03-Nov-21 MacBook,  Laptop,  Laptop rentals

Laptop Rental Service
The pandemic is slowing down and people are getting back on their feet now. The offices are opening again! Yes, you get to meet your office buddies after a long time! Organizations like you might have experienced a downfall in these months due to the rapid spread of Covid 19 and lockdown all over the […]

Vilas 20-Jul-21 Laptop rentals,  Laptop,  MacBook

advantages of rent to own laptop macbook
Purchasing any electronic device requires data research and study. Especially when it comes to laptops, buyers are always confused between MacBooks and laptops. Though there are numerous blogs that compare these two, experiencing the devices in person is still necessary. Another question that pops up in front of buyers is whether to rent or purchase […]

Vilas 06-Jul-21 MacBook,  Laptop