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MacBook Features Laptop Features Cool MacBook Features 5 Best MacBook Features: Bookmark The Blog Now!
MacBook Features you ask? MacBooks are full of features! Apple products are designed to support the entire ecosystem. All the features are designed smartly to offer solutions to the most common challenges as well as to the challenges that are not even visible! Let’s skip the talking and jump directly to the cool MacBook features! […]

Vilas 14-Jul-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop,  MacBook

Type C Apple Adapter
In the world of tech, Apple has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, introducing revolutionary changes that shape the way we use our devices. This time, the latest Apple update is the type C Apple adapter, and Apple enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement over this long-awaited development! Macviewer, the trusted destination for laptop rentals […]

Vilas 27-Jun-23 Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook,  Trending

Unlock Apple ID in 4 Easy Steps!
Stuck because you cannot unlock Apple ID? Read on to know how you can access your ID again! In today’s digital age, our Apple ID serves as a key to accessing a plethora of Apple services, including iCloud, the App Store, iTunes, and more. However, encountering an Apple ID lockout can be an incredibly frustrating […]

Vilas 22-Jun-23 MacBook,  Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks

Clear Storage from System Data in Mac: 6 Smart Ways!
Running out of storage is an irritating problem almost everyone who is using a Mac goes through. In particular, the system data in Mac takes more space than required. If you are a Mac user, you may have also noticed your system storage filling up rapidly, even if there have been no new installations of […]

Vilas 19-May-23 MacBook,  Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks

5 Big Reasons For “Your Screen Is Being Observed” Message on Mac
A common issue reported by Mac users is the appearance of the message “Your screen is being observed” at the top of their screen. This message is seen particularly when you are trying to access the lock screen that requires a password before logging in. This occurrence may trigger concerns about potential hacking attempts. However, […]

Vilas 19-Apr-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop,  MacBook

5 Helpful Ways To Clear Mac Memory- Free Up RAM Space
If you’re a Mac user, you know how important it is to have sufficient RAM (Random Access Memory) for your computer to function smoothly. The number one way to clear mac memory is to free up RAM space in your device. RAM is the temporary memory that your Mac uses to run applications and programs, […]

Vilas 02-Apr-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop,  MacBook

How to Change Your Mac Startup Disk? 6 Easy Steps!
If you’re a Mac user, chances are that you may need to change your mac startup disk at some point in time. This is the disk that your computer boots from when you turn it on, and it’s also the disk that contains your operating system and other important files. But this is the default […]

Vilas 19-Mar-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop

How to Effectively Fix a MacBook Staingate in 6 Steps
A MacBook Staingate is most commonly observed in old and heavily misused MacBooks. If you can observe ugly staining on the screen of your laptop, which despite trying refuses to budge, chances are you have a MacBook staingate. Often, the more you try to wipe it, the farther it spreads on your screen. But what […]

Vilas 02-Dec-22 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop,  MacBook

3 Easy Steps to Reset NVRAM on Mac! Mac PRAM Reset.
Many times the reason for a Macbook to start working weirdly is due to an issue with the NVRAM or PRAM or SMC. In these cases, a Mac PRAM reset or reset NVRAM on Mac is necessary. Some of the first steps you take when your MacBook starts working up is troubleshooting such as restarting […]

Vilas 07-Nov-22 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop,  MacBook

Wifi Not Working on Laptop? 6 Easy Steps to Fix it on Laptops!
With most of our work and the things we do on laptops migrating online, a laptop without a proper internet connection is like an empty box! The wifi not working on laptop can be a huge hindrance and setback. No matter if you are a student or a working professional, I am sure you know […]

Vilas 31-Oct-22 Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook,  Windows

Mac/Windows Laptop Camera is Not Working: 5 Easy Tricks
A Mac or Windows laptop camera not working can be a huge disadvantage-especially if you are working in a remote location. The Covid- 19 pandemic normalizes virtual meetings immensely- and cameras & webcams are an integral part of it. You also need them in online lectures or seminars or even simply to connect with people […]

Vilas 24-Oct-22 Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook,  Windows

Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost in Pune:3 Things to Consider!
The motherboard of your laptop is a primary component that acts as a support system. This is what makes motherboard repair necessary when things go south. It gives way for different components to interact and work together, and your laptop is as good as dead without it. Often people assume they will have to get […]

Vilas 20-Oct-22 Laptop,  Laptop repair

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