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Renting a Laptop: 5 Important Dos And Don’ts

Renting a Laptop: 5 Important Dos & Don'ts

Under many scenarios, renting a laptop is considered smarter than buying it. Especially for events like seminars, conferences, conventions, and trade shows, companies prefer renting laptops online.

Though there are many advantages of hiring laptop rental services, companies should consider the dos and don’ts before renting a laptop. So let’s get started!

The Dos and Don’ts While Renting a Laptop:


1. Selecting the right OS

The first thing to consider is the operating system. Many companies prefer MacBooks over Windows laptops as it offers great ease of access, is user-friendly, and most importantly, has an amazing user interface to get the work done in no time.

Also, if you have been working on Windows for a long time and have a good command of it, you can always opt for that one. Always make sure the operating system is suitable for the business requirements. Also, do check with your staff and team members whether they are familiar with the operating system or not.

2. Select the right configuration

Depending on the complexity of work, companies should select the configuration wisely. If you are going to rent a laptop for complex projects like programming, you should consider a configuration useful when doing a variety of applications and projects.

3. Prices

Always check what are the rental charges for different laptops and what other services are involved. The best part about renting laptops is that users need not worry about maintenance and other upgrades. Many laptop rental services offer feasible monthly packages including customer service.

4. Duration

Always check for what duration you require the laptop rental services. Though in many cases, individuals and companies are uncertain about the duration, try to estimate the maximum time and try not to exceed the duration as the vendor may have scheduled that laptop for other customers.

5. Setting up the systems

Renting a laptop for events requires setting it up with other applications and hardware. Especially while renting a top-notch configuration, setup and installation are crucial. Do check whether you have a technical team who can help you in setting up or you can also ask the vendor to set up the laptops.


1. Returning the laptops without getting a backup

This can be a nightmare for your organization. Be it for a day or for several months, any organization renting laptops will have certain data stored in them. This data can be publicly available or it can also be highly confidential.

Any laptop rental services provider usually performs re-imaging of data once they get back their laptops. This process completely erases a hard drive and not just uninstalls programs or deletes files.

If you forget to take a backup of your vital data, there is a good chance that you might lose it permanently. To save your organization from a huge data loss, always get a backup on your systems or on the cloud.

2. Choosing a configuration without knowing the applications

Do not select a configuration just because it is highly demanded. It might not be suitable for your requirements. Organizations usually ask for the highest configuration for running basic tasks or vice versa.

3. Do not damage the laptops

Though you will own the laptop without buying it, it will still be the property of the vendor. Make sure your staff handles the devices carefully without damaging the hardware or software.

4. Pirates software licensing

Organizations might need to install applications or software to perform certain functions. While installing the software, make sure that you are using authenticated licenses and not the pirated ones as it might create a problem for the vendor.


Always consider the dos and don’ts before renting the laptops to achieve optimized results. If you are looking for laptop rental services in Pune, click here.

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