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10 Awesome Reasons for a Mac Rental over Buying One!

10 Awesome Reasons for a Mac Rental over Buying One!

Wherever you are on your business journey, the cost of computer hardware can feel burdensome, especially for the latest and most efficient- Macbooks! With resources extremely tight for growing a business, it makes sense to look for trying to save up for other organizational functions wherever you can, keeping in mind that there are certain business costs that you just can’t avoid. Most businesses think that buying Macbooks is one of those costs, but it doesn’t have to be. Mac Rentals can be a viable option as well in this case!

Renting Macbooks has increasingly become an option for businesses of all sizes. Owning them can be an upfront cost and decrease your cash flow significantly, so obtaining MacBooks on rent can ease the financial burden.

Although reducing the cost surely is one of the most crucial and compelling reasons for renting a Macbook, it isn’t the only one.

Let’s start!

10 Compelling Reasons to Opt for Mac Rental

1. Technology changes quickly and your business needs to stay ahead of the curve

Nothing goes down in value like IT Equipment- old one’s stacked up and taking space on tables? Getting Macbook on rent enable you to spend your money wisely, while also taking continuous advantage of changes in computer technology. This is because while renting you will receive the most updated software and advanced hardware.
Hiring the latest models such as Macbooks also allows you to stand out from competitors and demonstrates to your clients that you stay relevant!

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Renting enables you to meet the requirements without going over budget. Imagine how much money buying Macbooks will set you back, whereas renting it will only cost you a fraction of that.
Another aspect is if you need it only for the short term such as for meetings, conferences, training sessions etc, mac rentals are appropriate for such situations where you don’t need to buy equipment upright, especially if you won’t be using them that often.

3. Freedom from Malfunctioning Laptop Systems (Troubleshooting)

At Macviewer, we provide 24-hour technical assistance/support to help you if your laptop ever malfunctions. Your mac rental also includes a free replacement if you’re not happy with your current laptop’s functioning which is not possible when you buy a MacBook and own it as you will have to spend hefty amounts of money on maintenance.

4. A “Try Before You Buy” Opportunity

Getting a MacBook on rent is also a great way to see if you like using the device without having to fork out tons of money, and then finding out you don’t like it! Say, you rent a Macbook for a conference and you find out that you find it particularly user-friendly and that it suits your needs efficiently. And what if the opposite happens but you’ve bought it already! Renting is a great way to utilize without having to commit!

5. Great for Work from Home Settings or More Remote Workforces

At times like these and the future as we see it, workers/employees are seen working from home, working while travelling or even sharing workspaces. Rental macs will help you create a more flexible workforce and adapt to changing needs. Also, another huge benefit is if you have employees doing intense creative work, a Macbook Pro rental is great for tasks like graphic design.

6. Customizations

Buying a Macbook comes with the standard set of upgrades, and when you want one, cost you a hefty amount, whereas, with a mac rental from Macviewer, our experts can preload or even install the apps and software your business is going to need before your laptop is delivered so you can start efficiently!

7. Extensive Choice

When it comes to renting, many assume that the choices will be limited, but there is actually a pretty good range of options out there that we have of Apple products! A few of the rental options we have are:

8. Increases Productivity

Breakdowns happen, and laptops such as Macbooks are no different. This can hamper productivity at a great extent. How would you cater to the demands of your clients in such a situation, as a normal service centre will cost you a lot as well as take time to fix issues? In case you have an internal IT department, imagine all the things they’d rather be doing than fixing breakdowns. Renting is a great way to increase productivity as well as save resources. At Macviewer, we repair in a jiffy and also provide replacements so your work doesn’t have to stop!

9. Effective Budget Allocation

As a business, you must spend where necessary. Rent, taxes, utility bills, and wages/salaries are all the expenses your business has to incur, you don’t have to have another huge one! Hiring a mac rental allows you to budget more efficiently as it creates a pre-determined monthly line item, allowing you to make long-term plans while maintaining a healthy level of cash flow.

10. Quality Above Everything Else

Macbooks have a sleek design, a great display, are user-friendly, offer smooth functioning and more importantly, are pleasant to work with! A few years down the line, your owned Macbook might begin showing functional problems, start looking old and so forth! But with mac rentals, you get regular maintenance that will keep it in a great condition, helping your business grow and spend less in the long run!

Final Thoughts!

Now, that you know the 10 reasons you should get a MacBook on rent instead of owning it. it’s time to make your business more seamless and productive!

Ultimately, the decision to rent or buy depends on various factors such as the budget, the equipment requirements as well as the level of support you need. However, if you want Macbooks for a large number of employees, renting is your best option!

So don’t wait, start renting!

Vilas February 18, 2021 MacBook

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