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Clear Storage from System Data in Mac: 6 Smart Ways!
Running out of storage is an irritating problem almost everyone who is using a Mac goes through. In particular, the system data in Mac takes more space than required. If you are a Mac user, you may have also noticed your system storage filling up rapidly, even if there have been no new installations of […]

Vilas 19-May-23 MacBook,  Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks

Mac Pro Touch Bar Not Working? Try Out 6 Useful Methods!
The Mac Pro Touch Bar not working can be extremely irritating and cause a hindrance to your productivity. Even though you might not be utilizing the touch bar on your MacBook daily, it can still greatly enhance your efficiency & speed of how you work with certain applications, while gaming, or while studying. That’s why […]

Vilas 02-May-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook

5 Big Reasons For “Your Screen Is Being Observed” Message on Mac
A common issue reported by Mac users is the appearance of the message “Your screen is being observed” at the top of their screen. This message is seen particularly when you are trying to access the lock screen that requires a password before logging in. This occurrence may trigger concerns about potential hacking attempts. However, […]

Vilas 19-Apr-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop,  MacBook

5 Helpful Ways To Clear Mac Memory- Free Up RAM Space
If you’re a Mac user, you know how important it is to have sufficient RAM (Random Access Memory) for your computer to function smoothly. The number one way to clear mac memory is to free up RAM space in your device. RAM is the temporary memory that your Mac uses to run applications and programs, […]

Vilas 02-Apr-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop,  MacBook

What is Mac Kernel Panic? Solve Restarting Issue: 6 Useful Ways!
If your Mac is restarting unexpectedly due to an issue, and you often get a message saying: “You need to restart your computer” on a gray screen, that means that it is going through a mac kernel panic. This issue occurs only when your Mac encounters a hugely serious problem and is unable to carry […]

Vilas 02-Mar-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook

How to Hide MacBook Folders & Files? 5 Effective Ways!
There may be many reasons to hide MacBook folders and files. You might want to stop people from snooping around, especially those who share the device with you. Hiding folders and files also helps conceal personal information from intruders. By doing this, you can also keep certain files safe by storing them away and preventing […]

Vilas 19-Feb-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook

How To Fix It If a Mac Mouse is Not Working? 5 Helpful Steps!
Some users simply can’t work on their Macs without a physical mouse! If you are one of these, and your mac mouse is not working, we understand how frustrating it can get! Here is a blog on methods you can use to fix it! Before starting, here are some of the root causes that might […]

Vilas 02-Feb-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook

How to Clear Mac Cache? 3 Effective Methods to Follow!
Wondering how to clear mac cache? You are at the right place! Clearing out the cache is step one to making your Mac work better. It’s more responsive, faster, and extremely efficient once the cache is cleared out. Being composed of mostly temporary files used to speed up processes and run apps, the cache can […]

Vilas 17-Jan-23 MacBook,  Laptop tips & tricks

How to Change Username on Mac & 4 Easy Steps to Add New Users!
New to the world of Macs and wish to change your username or how to change username on Mac? You are at the right place! You can set up multiple users on a Mac, for a number of people who wish to use the device at a time. This is highly convenient as several people […]

Vilas 02-Jan-23 Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook

2 Effective Ways to Transfer Data from Mac to Mac!
Are you someone who wants to transfer data from mac to mac? Then you are at the right place! Using this handy feature, you can start using your new Mac right away without wasting time in setting it up! Apple has rolled out a fantastic feature in their Macs that allows seamless transfer of all […]

Vilas 19-Dec-22 MacBook,  Laptop tips & tricks

How to Effectively Fix a MacBook Staingate in 6 Steps
A MacBook Staingate is most commonly observed in old and heavily misused MacBooks. If you can observe ugly staining on the screen of your laptop, which despite trying refuses to budge, chances are you have a MacBook staingate. Often, the more you try to wipe it, the farther it spreads on your screen. But what […]

Vilas 02-Dec-22 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop,  MacBook

Forgot Mac Password? Recover/ Reset Mac Password in 4 Easy Steps!
Forgot Mac Password? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Almost everyone has forgotten their Mac password at least once, and even the hint has not been able to help them! But, we are human, and this problem is more common than you might think. In fact, Apple has smartly recognized this repeating […]

Vilas 28-Nov-22 MacBook,  Laptop tips & tricks

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