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Upgrade your Laptop’s 4 Essential Parts for a Better Experience!

Upgrade your Laptop's 4 Essential Parts for a Better Experience!

If you are planning to purchase a new laptop if your existing one seems outdated, wait! You can do a lot of things to make your laptop perform exceptionally well. You can make a huge difference if you simply upgrade your laptop! It allows your device to perform well and run better! All you have to do is upgrade these 4 parts of your laptop and achieve a faster, better, and smooth running laptop. Here’s how you can optimize your existing laptop.

4 Important Parts to Upgrade your Laptop:

1. Upgrade RAM in Laptop:

Do you often have to close several tabs while you are surfing the internet? And do you face trouble while multitasking on your laptop? Then it’s time for you to upgrade your laptop’s RAM. If your laptop allows upgrading RAM, you should get to it right away.

Your Laptop’s RAM is responsible for multitasking and faster processing. Usually, a RAM of 4 GB is enough for simple surfing. If your job role involves only researching online and does not require the use of any latest software or tool, the RAM of this space is enough for you. But if you are using advanced tools and require multitasking, I recommend a RAM of 8 GB. For professional gamers, Animators, Graphic Designers, UI UX Designers, etc. the recommended size of RAM is 16 GB. If you are still using 4 GB RAM for such tedious tasks, then I salute your patience level!

upgrade your laptop's parts

2. Upgrade Graphics Card in Laptop:

If you work in the media industry, are you still using an ordinary graphic card? This is a sign to upgrade your Graphics Card right now! If you want your laptop to be future-proof and future-ready to use AR & VR, you need to completely upgrade your laptop, and I recommend upgrading the graphic card as a process. There are plenty of options available and you can select the most suitable one as per your requirements.

If your usage is ordinary, you can continue with the integrated Graphic Card as it allows you to watch 4K videos, edit videos & photos, etc.

3. Upgrade Storage in Laptop:

No matter how advanced your work is or how mundane your laptop usage is, having a better memory to store your vital data is crucial. In my long career span, I have often seen people rushing to MacViewer and asking me to upgrade their laptop’s storage because they have prepared something vital and there is no space in their system to download the file. Thus this is an integral part of upgrading your laptop.

Another advantage of upgrading your laptop storage capacity is that the device can perform faster than usual. Depending on the work and your requirements, you can select a 5400RPM drive, 7200RPM, or more.

upgrade your laptop's parts .

4. Upgrade Laptop Processor:

A processor upgrade is not for everyone! It is an expensive affair! While upgrading your laptop’s processor, you might need to upgrade the RAM which again adds to the cost. Also, you might have to check the compatibility of the Motherboard and upgrade it if needed. It is recommended to upgrade your laptop’s processor only if some vital upgrade is available which is going to make a big difference from an Intel Core i3 to a Core i5.

upgrade your laptop's parts


Upgrade your laptop by upgrading the above-mentioned parts and give yourself a finely working laptop with an amazing pace.  Another method to upgrade your laptop completely is to update it to an SSD from a Hard Drive. Check out this blog to read more.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Hard Drive We recommend upgrading every part with the help of an expert like Macviewer. If you are in Pune, Macviewer can help you upgrade all these laptop parts and if you are not in Pune, contact the nearest laptop repair centre.

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