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MacBook Shortcut Keys You're Not Using
In my career of more than 10 years of laptop & MacBook repairing, I have repaired hundreds of complex MacBook problems. While making complex situations easier for my customers, I thought of making their lives easier by introducing them to MacBook shortcut keys. If you are a writer, a developer, a designer, an administrator, or […]

Vilas 10-May-22 Laptop tips & tricks

Important Parts of the Laptop Which Needs Upgrade
To make your laptop perform exceptionally well, you can do a lot of things. Upgrading the right parts of your laptop can make a huge difference and allow your device to perform well. All you have to do is upgrade these 4 parts of your laptop and achieve a faster, better, and smooth running laptop. […]

Vilas 04-May-22 Laptop tips & tricks

Old Laptop, laptop tips and tricks
Missing those days when you had bought your laptop and it was running smoothly like butter? Missing the super-fast processing and quick responsiveness of the device? Has your laptop stopped working efficiently as it is getting old? If so, we have some laptop tips and tricks for you. Keep reading this blog to learn things […]

Vilas 20-Apr-22 Laptop tips & tricks

laptop screen replacement cost
In my 10+ years of experience offering laptop repair services to corporates in Pune & PCMC, I have come across many cases of laptop screen damage. Though there are multiple ways I and my team have repaired the laptop screen issues, often the damages are so bad that there is no other option for us […]

Vilas 17-Feb-22 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop repair

Laptop Repair or Replacement
Every Windows Laptop has an average life of 5-7 years where these laptops work perfectly fine (only if accessed well). After a certain period of time, even a well-used laptop starts making trouble with either hardware or software. Most of the time it is easy to choose between laptop repair, laptop upgrade, & laptop replacement. […]

Vilas 09-Feb-22 Laptop tips & tricks

laptop hanging problem
Hello and welcome to another tips & tricks blog by Macviewer. Today I am going to tell you common reasons why laptops hang and how to solve the laptop hanging problem. Let’s start with some real cases that I have come across at Macviewer. Recently I got a call from an IT firm in Pune […]

Vilas 01-Feb-22 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop repair