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4 Coolest Tech You Can Rent From Macviewer

Rent From Macviewer

Rental or purchase has always been a question of confusion. Renting tech devices is recommended everywhere due to their proven benefits. Be it an employee, a student, or a freelancer, renting tech devices, especially laptop rental, allows you to enjoy the latest technologies, pay less, and have the freedom to change the laptops whenever you want.

Macviewer is Pune’s renowned laptop rental and MacBook rental services, provider. We have been catering to multiple organizations all over Pune. Users also get the ‘try before you buy opportunity with Macviewer where you can rent MacBooks or laptops, try them for few days, and then buy the most suitable ones from us.

But did you know what all tech devices you can rent from Macviewer? Here’s a list of top devices that you must have.

4 Coolest Tech You Can Rent From Macviewer

MacBook Pro:

MacBook Pro is the higher-end model of the MacBook family and is the most preferred MacBook for applications that use a larger number of processing cores. A MacBook that is rich in features and is capable of processing complex tasks smoothly that require superfast processing speed.

MacBooks are ideal for tech-savvy people who work on core technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, or even graphic designing, UI UX, etc. Macviewer has Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar & also with Retina in 2 sizes: 15-inch & 13-inch.


iMac, the famous Macintosh desktop computer consists of incredible processors and is considered the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. 

With large screen sizes and amazing feel, iMac is preferred by designers and programmers for convenience during work. At Macviewer, we have top models of iMac with 2 different sizes: 21.5-inch and 27-inch.


Mac Mini:

Are you looking for a device that can turn any screen into a digital sign? We have the answer; Mac Mini is apple’s popular tiny device that allows you to plug it into any desktop to get a powerful computer.

It is a great device for employees doing work from home since it allows users to work from anywhere as long as there is a monitor and Wi-Fi available. Those who want to experience Apple’s amazing technology at a low cost can surely enjoy Mac Mini. Macviewer has Apple Mac-Mini (A1347) Core i5/16GB/256GB SSD and Apple Mac-MINi (A1993) Core i5/8GB/256GB SSD. 


Windows Laptop:

Windows Laptops, widely preferred worldwide are available in many models suited for various requirements. When it comes to Windows laptops, Macviewer has two of the most demanded brands; Dell and HP.

With excellent looks, sound quality, high-end processors, and much more, our Windows laptops are perfect for students, working individuals, and freelancers. We have HP LaptopCore i5/8GB/256GB SSD, Dell LaptopCore i5/8GB/256GB SSD, and Dell LaptopCore i7/16GB/512GB SSD available for rent.


At Macviewer, we offer high-quality & latest products, up-to-date hardware, data storage, backup support, post-rental support, network support & configuration, and easy replacement. If you too wish to opt for MacBook rental or laptop rental, click here to book.


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