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Best Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost in Pune | 3 Solutions!

Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost in Pune:3 Things to Consider!

The motherboard of your laptop is a primary component that acts as a support system. This is what makes motherboard repair necessary when things go south. It gives way for different components to interact and work together, and your laptop is as good as dead without it.

Often people assume they will have to get their laptop replaced if it stops working or refuses to turn on. But, this could be due to your motherboard being dead. In such cases, a laptop motherboard repair or replacement is necessary.

Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost

Laptop motherboard repair cost majorly depends on the brand and model of your laptop. Moreover, it also depends on how your motherboard must be repaired. It also fluctuates based on the care center or service you consult. On average, the Laptop Motherboard repair cost ranges from Rs. 249 to Rs. 5000.

This price can also differ depending on what part of your motherboard needs to be repaired. This method is favorable, as it saves the cost of completely replacing the laptop and other components.

If you are someone looking for Laptop Motherboard Repairing & Replacement Services in Pune, contact Macviewer. With free pickup and drop services, our expert engineers will replace or repair the motherboard so that your laptop runs like it’s brand new!

Laptop Motherboard Repair- 3 to Keep in Mind

Motherboard repair

1. Laptop Motherboards are Fragile & Delicate

As they comprise several circuitry, motherboards are often intricate. This makes them fragile. Due to the existence of so many tiny parts on one motherboard, diagnosing what part the problem is arising from can be tricky.

Many foreign particles like dust, cloth fluff, or hair can cause damage if they contact the motherboard. This is why you must ask about the exact problem before the process of laptop motherboard repair starts.

2. Motherboards Can Spread its Problems

As mentioned above, the motherboard is the connecting thread between various components of your setup, and essentially acts like the brain of your device. In the human body, the brain is responsible for the functions carried out by your body.

That’s why it’s essential to keep it healthy and functioning. Similarly, an issue in the motherboard can pass on to other parts of your laptop as well. This can happen in unusual and unpredictable ways.

If this happens, the way to resolve this issue is a careful determination of where the problem is arising from, and thorough checks of every section of your laptop. For an effective and long-lasting laptop motherboard repair, expertise is a must in this area.

3. Laptop Motherboard Replacement

In some cases, instead of extensive laptop motherboard repair, you will have to replace it entirely. If this does happen, you must make sure that the new motherboard is compatible with your software and device. The best thing you can do is to call up a repair center or the manufacturer of your laptop to check.

If the motherboard is incompatible, many terrible things can happen to your laptop including your hard drive crashing, total data loss, and even replacement of your laptop. That’s why make sure you get a motherboard that is not harmful to your device.

 Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost

Major Signs that your Laptop is Experiencing Motherboard-Related Problems:

  • The peripherals (Speakers, external mouse, printers, etc.) are not working properly
  • Frequent Glitches on the screen such as flickering, lines, or hanging issues
  • Longer Boot Time on Laptop
  • More Blue Screens errors (Read this blog to fix blue/black screen errors!)
  • Not recognizing USB Devices


The motherboard is one of the most delicate and essential components of a laptop. If any issues arise with it, it’s best you carry out a laptop motherboard repair as soon as possible! You can get an affordable motherboard repair cost at Macviewer! We have been dealing with and solving motherboard-related problems for years now, and are well-versed in the process. Call us today!

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