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Factory Reset Mac-5 Important Steps to take Before Trading Mac!

Factory Reset Mac Guide. 5 Crucial Steps Before Giving Away Your Mac.

If you are a MacBook user and have to factory reset Mac, there can be these possible reasons for factory resetting your MacBook:

  • Lending the device to someone
  • Selling it away
  • Giving it away 
  • Giving it for repairing

The reason can be anything from above or any other reason, what is important is to understand how to factory reset Mac. It is extremely important to erase every byte of data from your device to ensure no one sneaks into your personal information. Be it a MacBook used for personal or professional work, having every data erased before giving away your MacBook is vital.

Before starting the step-by-step guide to factory reset the MacBooks, there are certain things you must consider. Here is a guided list of what is to be erased & how.

What To Do Before Factory Reset Mac Function:

1. Sign out of iCloud

Many of us have a habit of storing every bit of data on the cloud. It is also convenient as it saves a lot of space in the MacBook and the data is accessible anytime anywhere! Hence, make sure you sign out of the iCloud from your MacBook before carrying out a factory reset mac & handing it over to someone else. How to do so?
Click on the Apple Menu> Go to System Preferences> Click the Apple ID> Check the side panel & select iPannel> Turn off Find my Mac> Click on Overview> Select Sign Out.

2. Remove the Hard Drive & reinstall macOS

Simply remove your hard drive from your MacBook as we don’t want you to lose your precious data or let anyone access it without your consent. But how to reinstall macOS? You can simply use macOS Recovery to reinstall your macOS. Once you reinstall the macOS, you will see a Welcome screen that will ask you to choose your region. If you wish to leave the device & let the other person take over, don’t continue the setup process. Instead, you can just press Command-Q & shut down the device.

3. Backup your MacBook data

Needless to mention the importance of MacBook backup before you factory reset mac. There are different ways you can back up your MacBook data. You can either store everything on the iCloud or on the hard drive. You can also visit this link https://support.apple.com/en-in/mac-backup and use backup with Time Machine.

4. Sign out of iTunes

If you are or are not a music lover, you should sign out of iTunes.​​ There is a simple process to sign out of iTunes. Let me explain that to you all.

Open the iTunes application > Choose your Account > Select ‘Authorizations’ > Select ‘Deauthorize This Computer’.

5. Sign out of iMessage

Signing out of iMessages is equally important as it may have vital messages you don’t want anyone to have access to. Go to iMessages> select Messages> select Preferences> click on ‘Accounts’> Select your iMessage account> click on ‘Sign Out’.

Step-by-step Guide to Factory Reset Mac:

Once you have followed and are in accordance with all the points above, you can carry out a factory reset of your Mac. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go to System Preferences from the Apple Menu
  • Choose Erase All Content and Settings from the Menu bar
  • Enter your login credentials
  • A screen asking for the backup will appear. If you have backed up your data, click Continue
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and finally click on Erase All Content & Settings.


Follow these easy steps before you hand over your MacBook to anyone & factory reset mac Having everything cleared from your device is very important & easy as well! For any laptop & MacBook repairing services, you can contact us; at Macviewer. Click here to learn more about Macviewer.


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