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3 Best Steps to Laptop Cleaning at Home And Its Cost in Pune

3 Best Steps to Laptop Cleaning at Home & Its Cost in Pune

Like any other machines, laptops need to be constantly cleaned and kept dust-free. Accumulation of dirt and dust for a long time can cause damage to the internal system of your laptop. Laptop cleaning is very important as the damage inflicted due to unclean laptops can range from minor problems to full-system shutdowns.

Moreover, dirty laptops can be unhygienic and cause diseases to users of the device. It’s best to keep all parts of your laptop as clean as possible and clear out any dust every week. How to Clean Laptop at home:

Fool-Proof Ways to Clean Your Laptop at Home!

1. Cleaning Your Keyboard

The crevices and spaces between the keys and your laptop body are where most of the dust and dirt is accumulated. To clean the keyboard, one method you can use is to grab your laptop and shake it. But, you will have to do this gently, and with extreme care. Firmly hold the screen and keyboard and turn it upside down. Gently shake it and tilt it from left to right to free any debris that is stuck between keys and your keyboard.

You can also vacuum your keyboard as an alternative to shaking it. Take a mini vacuum cleaner and use it over your keyboard once, or twice, until most of the dirt is gone. MacBook keyboards are open inside the machine, so take care.

If you are skeptical about the above methods, you can clean your keyboard in other ways too! Pencil erasers are useful to remove the grime stuck on top of the keys, and cotton swabs can reach inside the keys. You can also wipe down the keyboard with a slightly dampened cloth. Make sure the cloth is thoroughly wrung and is not dripping any water before using it to wipe the keyboard. Remember to re-wipe your keyboard with a dry cloth/tissue to get rid of the wetness.

2. Laptop Cleaning Your Screen

Cleaning the screen is much easier than the keyboard, as there are no spaces in which dust can escape! But it is as necessary to do so regularly, as screens have a higher probability of accumulating and storing dust particles and germs. There are many ways to clean your laptop’s screen regularly.

To clean the surface dust, you can use a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are absorbent and thus excellent to clean any surface. Make sure that you are not emitting too much pressure while wiping as you could accidentally damage the screen.

For cleaning extra grime and dirt, a sponge and bowl of water should suffice! Drain excess water from the sponge before applying slight pressure to your laptop’s screen to get rid of stubborn dirt.

Apart from these methods, you can also invest in a screen-cleaning kit, which usually comes with a cleaning spray and microfiber cloth. If your laptop has a touch-screen, double-check what material can touch it to not accidentally damage it. Also keep in mind to not use any cleaner containing ammonia, as it can destroy screens.

3. Cleaning the Exterior of Your Laptop

The easiest way to clean the outside of your laptop is by making a cleaning solution. You can either mix a few drops of soap or rubbing alcohol into distilled water. A sponge or microfiber cloth can be used to use the solution to scrub the outside of your laptop. Take care to not use bleach or ammonia in the solution, and to not cleanse too harshly. Also, make sure to not get any alcohol on the screen of your laptop as it can damage the scratch-resistant or anti-glare covering on it.

For the USB, earphones, and charging ports, using cotton swabs or toothpicks to gently remove the dirt is the best solution. Do not use any liquid inside the crevices, as it can harm your laptop.


If you are someone who travels with their laptop frequently, the methods in this blog are good to implement to keep your laptop clean and shiny regularly for the health of your laptop and your hygiene! Apart from constant cleaning, it’s advisable to have methodical servicing and deep-cleaning sessions for your laptop.

Sometimes, the fan of the laptop needs cleaning, or the keys of the keyboard need to be uprooted. In these cases, handing over your laptop to a repair and servicing centre is the wisest decision. In Pune, the average cost for laptop cleaning services ranges between 600 to 1000 INR depending on the brand, model, and service centre. For those around Pune/PCMC area, expert laptop repair service centres such as Macviewer are the best place to do so!

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