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Laptop Fan Making Noise? Top 3 Creative Solutions To Fix It.

Laptop Fan Making Noise? Top 3 Creative Solutions To Fix It.

Has it ever happened to you that you are working peacefully in your office and suddenly your laptop fan making noise? The buzzing laptop noise itself is scary and raises a concern about the wellness of the laptop.

It is not only a big disturbance in work but also can be an indication of some internal issue in your laptop. If your laptop fan is making unusual & loud noises, try out the following solutions before consulting a professional laptop repair centre. I often recommend these solutions to my clients as well.

Top 3 Solutions For Laptop Fan Making Noise:

1. Cool It Down

One of the common reasons your laptop fan making noise is due to overheating. Though overheating of laptops has different causes, signs, and solutions, the most common sign is the loud sound from fans.

Unlike computer systems, laptops have small cooling fans near the processor. The thermal paste in laptops functions to pass the heat from processors to the fans and fans and dissipate the heat out of the device.

For any hardware device, it is essential to maintain the temperature to prevent it from physical damage. When the laptop temperature rises, the pressure on the cooling fans rises and hence, it is important to cool it down.

You can either clean the dust stuck in the cooling fans, change the thermal paste if it has gone bad, or simply use a laptop cooler. You can easily find the latest external coolers designed for rapid cooling online. Cleaning is an effective way to silence a laptop fan making noise.

laptop fan making noise

2. Free The Processor

If your laptop fan making noise problem due to this scenario, it can be resolved in no time. Does your laptop make buzzing noises once you start a certain application or stream some video? If yes, then the reason behind loud noises is the processor bearing the burden of heavy tasks.

Laptop fans often make buzzing noises when the hardware demands it. It can easily be resolved by freeing up the processors. MacBook users can use the ‘Activity Monitor’ while Windows users can use ‘Task Manager’.

3. Try to run it smoother

If you are experiencing a rattling noise from your laptop fan even after trying out the above two solutions, you can consider repairing it. When the bearing of the fan loses lubrication or any technical difficulties, try to add lubricating solutions and check if the noise lowers down.

laptop fan making noise


If the solutions above don’t help, or you want an expert’s opinion, you can simply get an expert to check your laptop and repair it. Opening the laptop all by yourself and trying to figure out the exact problem can be a tough job especially if you are unfamiliar with the internal technicalities of laptops.

Make sure you hire a professional laptop repair service that identifies the exact problem behind the laptop fan making noise and proposes the right solution.

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