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How to Effectively Increase WiFi Speed in your Laptop: 2023

How to Increase WiFi Speed in your Laptop Along with Internet Speed!

In our current century, the internet counts as a basic need for almost every single living human. Technically, we would be able to survive without its existence, but the modern lives we have accustomed ourselves to would disappear in a blink of an eye. You wouldn’t even be able to read this blog, if not for the internet! Safe to say, the net is one of the important cogwheels in our society that allow it to function properly. That’s why “How to increase wifi speed in your laptop” is a question on everyone’s mind!

Almost every sector in the industry is dependent on the internet in some way or another. Apart from this, it also acts as a daily essential in a common man’s life. From using it to assist projects, connect with people who are not around you, and get an answer to any questions in mere seconds, a good net connection is an absolute necessity wherever you go.

That’s why it’s extremely frustrating when the net speed is down. There are many reasons why your connection might be low- including device problems, hardware issues, or weak wireless signals. Here are a few effective methods to try out if your net connection is acting up, and instantly speed up the internet on your laptop.

How to Increase Wifi Speed in your Laptop? How to Increase Net Speed in your Laptop?

1. Go Closer to Your Router

Much like how any wireless signals work, they are the strongest near their source. Moving closer to the router (or any other source of the internet) will unmistakably pick up and increase net speed and also increase wifi speed!

Walls or any solid obstacles also make it difficult for signals to pass through. If your wireless router is weak to such hurdles, it’s best to sit in the same room or have direct sight of it. Also, keep in mind to always look out for strong wireless routers that abide by all the latest Wi-Fi standards while buying a new one!

 2. Try Rebooting Your Router

Turning something off and then on is the universal advice if something goes haywire. Try rebooting your router if your connection stalls or completely halts. The process of rebooting does the following. It stops any unnecessary background processes, clears out the memory cache, and overall calls for a higher chance for your connection to get back its higher speed and increase net speed.

 3. Turn off Network Connection on Unused Devices

There’s a possibility that your internet connection is being eaten up by devices that are not active but still connected to the Wi-Fi. This has a higher chance of happening if you have multiple technical devices like Smart TVs, gaming systems, or Smartphones.

You might think that they are simply connected to the connection, but they are probably using up a significant amount of data. These devices consume data in the background to update their apps or systems. You can free up bandwidth by turning off the Wi-Fi on any such devices around you. This is an effective method to increase wifi speed.

 4. Set up a Security Parameter for Your Connection

If your network is unstable or slow, chances are that your router does not have a security parameter set up. Unsecure connections increase the chances of unknown devices connecting to your network. Your Wi-Fi will be listed as an open network- and who doesn’t like free Wi-Fi? Sometimes this can happen unintentionally, as some devices have settings to automatically connect to any available Wi-Fi.

You can solve this issue by setting up a secure perimeter for your internet connection. Refer to your connection log, and see who has been accessing your network. Some routers even have settings to block unknown devices. Also, don’t forget to change or set a strong Wi-Fi password for maximum security! This is an effective method to increase net speed.

 5. Check if Your Router Needs Firmware Updates

Updates are necessary for any device to function steadily. They become a better version of themselves, and also eradicate bugs or old issues through upgrades. Every router has its specific set of software requirements that are constantly enhanced.

These are fulfilled by regular firmware updates. Make sure your laptop is also up to date in OS upgrades as old versions could be incompatible with newer router options. Read this blog to find out how to update the Operating System of a MacBook!

 6. Scan Your Laptop for Virus

Some of the biggest troubles that eat up your bandwidth are Viruses. These malware and online pathogens can appear on your device unexpectedly through download from an infected site or source. Make sure you have an efficient antivirus in place to fend such threats off and increase wifi speed. . Check out this blog for more methods to protect your laptop from dangerous Viruses and Malware.

 7. Block Online Ads

While surfing the web, online and pop-up ads are one of the biggest bandwidth-eating factors. Today, almost all websites contain GIFs, videos, or picture advertisements that can seem endless! These media ads are shown to you without default, and consume bucket-loads of data. It is best to block them beforehand.

To do so, you can install an ad-blocking plugin or extension that scans each site and immediately blocks any media ad from playing to increase net speed!

 8. Try Out an Ethernet Cable Connection

Ethernet Cables are an alternative to wireless connections. Keep in mind that these are physical cables you have to plug into your laptop. Your device must have an RJ45 port for this to work.

As it’s a wired connection, the ethernet cable network is famous to be as fast as lightning! Many modern laptops don’t have an ethernet port these days, but you can just as easily access this network with a network adapter.


We hope we answered the question of how to increase wifi speed in your laptop! The Internet is ever available and ever helpful to us. Life without it seems unimaginable. You can implement the tips mentioned in this blog to make your internet connection go faster & increase net speed. If your Wi-Fi and network still show issues, you should call up your Internet Service provider and discuss the problems firsthand. For other issues, you can call up Macviewer, an expert laptop repair and service center, to solve all your laptop-related problems!

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