Forgot Mac Password? Recover/ Reset Mac Password in 4 Easy Steps!
Forgot Mac Password? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Almost everyone has forgotten their Mac password at least once, and even the hint has not been able to help them! But, we are human, and this problem is more common than you might think. In fact, Apple has smartly recognized this repeating […]

Vilas 28-Nov-22 MacBook,  Laptop tips & tricks

we couldn't install some updates because the pc was turned off:4 points
Sometimes when you are trying to update your laptop, you might get an error message saying “ We couldn’t install some updates because the pc was turned off ”. For any application or system, one of the most important aspects of its utility is updating it. This is why Windows Users must constantly update their […]

Vilas 24-Nov-22 MacBook,  Laptop tips & tricks,  Windows

What to do if Mac Bluetooth is not Working? 5 Efficient Steps
It can seem like the end of the world if your Mac Bluetooth is not working! The invention of Bluetooth was one of the most innovative and progressive events in technology. Bluetooth is what first started linking technical devices together without the use of cables or any physical connection. Suddenly, you did not have to […]

Vilas 21-Nov-22 MacBook,  Laptop tips & tricks

MacBook Pro Screen Flickering: 5 Easy Ways to Fix It
If you are wondering why the MacBook pro screen flickering issue is happening on your device, you are at the right place. There are usually many reasons why this takes place, and by no means is it an uncommon issue. Let’s try first to understand where and how MacBook pro screen flickering happens. If the […]

Vilas 14-Nov-22 MacBook,  Laptop tips & tricks

4 Useful Methods if your MacBook Charger is not Working!
If your MacBook charger is not working, the first thing you should do is to not panic. Your Mac Charger not working may be due to several reasons. Apple has prided itself on putting out futuristic and innovative technology throughout the year. One of these includes their functional batteries and chargers. Some of the latest […]

Vilas 10-Nov-22 Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook

3 Easy Steps to Reset NVRAM on Mac! Mac PRAM Reset.
Many times the reason for a Macbook to start working weirdly is due to an issue with the NVRAM or PRAM or SMC. In these cases, a Mac PRAM reset or reset NVRAM on Mac is necessary. Some of the first steps you take when your MacBook starts working up is troubleshooting such as restarting […]

Vilas 07-Nov-22 Laptop tips & tricks,  Laptop,  MacBook

Wifi Not Working on Laptop? 6 Easy Steps to Fix it on Laptops!
With most of our work and the things we do on laptops migrating online, a laptop without a proper internet connection is like an empty box! The wifi not working on laptop can be a huge hindrance and setback. No matter if you are a student or a working professional, I am sure you know […]

Vilas 31-Oct-22 Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook,  Windows

Mac/Windows Laptop Camera is Not Working: 5 Easy Tricks
A Mac or Windows laptop camera not working can be a huge disadvantage-especially if you are working in a remote location. The Covid- 19 pandemic normalizes virtual meetings immensely- and cameras & webcams are an integral part of it. You also need them in online lectures or seminars or even simply to connect with people […]

Vilas 24-Oct-22 Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook,  Windows

Laptop Motherboard Repair Cost in Pune:3 Things to Consider!
The motherboard of your laptop is a primary component that acts as a support system. This is what makes motherboard repair necessary when things go south. It gives way for different components to interact and work together, and your laptop is as good as dead without it. Often people assume they will have to get […]

Vilas 20-Oct-22 Laptop,  Laptop repair

Laptop Data Recovery 3 Best Methods & Tips to Prevent It
Your personal or work laptop can be our safe haven- with all of your important and necessary data treasure stored on it. But sometimes due to external or internal problems, your laptop can crash, causing the data on it to be wiped clean. When this happens, there are several ways to get back the information […]

Vilas 17-Oct-22 Laptop repair,  Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks

7 Super Easy Ways to Fix the Blue or Black Screen Error
It can be frustrating when all you want is to turn on and work on your laptop- but all it shows is a blue or black screen error. If this happens to you, don’t worry and don’t panic, as it’s a common problem many windows laptop users share. There are many reasons why your screen […]

Vilas 10-Oct-22 Laptop,  Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook

10 Best MacBook Shortcut Keys You're Not Using
In my career of more than 10 years of laptop & MacBook repairing, I have fixed hundreds of complex MacBook problems. While making complex situations easier for my customers, I thought of making their lives easier by introducing them to MacBook shortcut keys. If you are a writer, a developer, a designer, an administrator, or […]

Vilas 06-Oct-22 Laptop tips & tricks,  MacBook